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Magnetic Separators


80 Years of Excellence

ferrofilter2For more than 80 years, S.G. Frantz® has been manufacturing Magnetic Separators for the removal of fine magnetic particles from liquids, slurries, gases, dry granular materials and powders

By leveraging our extensive knowledge and expertise, we have been able to continually develop and improve upon the technology of our products. This singular focus on excellence has enabled us to produce some of the industry's most effective Magnetic Separators and helped us to earn a reputation for exceptional quality and lasting performance.

3 Distinct Lines of Magnetic Separators

S.G. Frantz® offers three distinct lines of Magnetic Separators. Each of these proven technologies has been designed and improved over the past 80 years to ensure reliable performance and effective results. - Click below to expand

Electromagnetic Separators

Our high-gradient Electromagnetic Separators are ideal for removing fine ferromagnetic particles from fluids and dry materials. They utilize magnetized matrices to process industrial liquids, slurries, gases, dry granular materials and powders. These separators can be designed to meet unusual processing conditions, such as high-temperature, high-pressure and corrosive materials, even in hazardous environments.

Permanent Magnet Separators

Our Permanent Magnet Separators are able to remove microscopic particles of iron, steel, rust or scale. They magnetize a stack of stainless steel grids to divide and re-divide material streams through a succession of strongly convergent magnetic fields. This ensures that even the finest particles are attracted and securely held to the grid edges, where the magnetic force converges.

Laboratory Separators

Our Laboratory Separators are able to separate sample mineral components according to paramagnetic or diamagnetic susceptibility. They produce a magnetic force over greater distances and for longer periods of time as dry granular materials and powders are continuously separated.  Improved particle feed allows for superior separation of dry materials.


3 Proven Matrix Technologies

S.G. Frantz® offers three proven matrix technologies for the above-mentioned Magnetic Separators: Click below to expand

Standard Proprietary Grids

S.G. Frantz's standard proprietary grids are effective for most applications, exemplifying a principle revealed early by Mr. Frantz: For effective magnetic separation, the size of the collecting edge should be on the same order of magnitude as the size of the particles to be captured. This configuration offers several advantages:

• The width of the strip is aligned with the background magnetic field, making the strip width-to-thickness ratio large and easy to magnetize, which produces a high magnetic field at the edges where collection occurs (with a relatively low background field).

• The high width-to-thickness ratio and the open structure of the wound grid results in extremely low flow resistance.

• The nickel-brazing of the grid produces a rigid structure that holds up well under most industrial processing conditions.

NOTE: Grids can be selected so that the thickness of the strip is appropriate for the range of sizes of particles to be captured, and the opening is sized to accommodate particle size, flow viscosity, etc.

Stainless Steel Wool Cartridge

The second most commonly used matrix materials are the various grades of type 430 stainless steel wool. They are ideal for separations of very fine particles in relatively low viscosity fluids. Advantages of stainless steel wool cartridges include:

• Providing the highest cumulative collecting edge length per unit volume (by several orders of magnitude) of all commonly used matrix materials

• Producing good results with moderate background fields (even though higher background magnetic fields are required)

• Relatively inexpensive bulk material

NOTE: Stainless steel wool cartridges produce much higher flow resistance than our standard grids and are not suitable for high-viscosity liquids or slurries. Also, complete cleaning of the matrix is difficult, and it can be easily clogged by even a small percentage of particles larger than about 45 microns (for fine stainless steel wool). We address this by winding stainless steel wool on reels and stacking the resulting cartridges in the separator.

Expanded Metal Grids

Type 430 stainless steel expanded metal is cut into annular disks that can be stacked in the separator. Although they are not as easy to magnetize as our standard grids and produce higher flow resistance, they offer the following advantage:

• The thickness of the metal and the expansion pattern openings can be varied to suit the application. 

NOTE: Each different pattern requires the purchase of dedicated tooling, and relatively large minimum quantities of any specific configuration of the material must be purchased for economy.


Varied Industry Applications

Our durable Magnetic Separators deliver exceptional value to a wide variety of industries, including:

SG Separator Applications

• Ceramic

• Chemical

• Food

• Glass

• Metalworking

• Mineral processing

• Pharmaceutical

• Plastics

• Recycling

Custom Engineering Solutions

S.G. Frantz's core competency includes engineering custom solutions based on: 

• Processing conditions

• Available line voltage

• Corrosive or hazardous environments

• Collecting element (matrix) optimization

• Automation requirements

• And much more

We achieve this market advantage through a unique blend of experience and value-based problem solving. Whatever your separation needs may be, S.G. Frantz® delivers expertise, competency and product performance that is rare in today's marketplace.

For those customers in need of even more specialized solutions, we offer the assistance and full capabilities of our own staff of dedicated and knowledgeable in-house engineers. Working together to understand your individual application, we have every confidence that we can develop and manufacture a product that will provide years of effective, reliable performance.

If you are searching for a Magnetic Separator that delivers proven performance and exceptional results, contact S.G. Frantz today.