S.G. Frantz Electromagnetic Separators

S.G. Frantz® Electromagnetic Separators utilize electric currents through wire coils in iron housings, which create magnetic fields to separate highly magnetic materials from liquids, gases, slurries and powders.

Available in gravity, underfeed and pipeline models, our separators deliver outstanding performance for a wide variety of industry applications, including:

  • Ceramic
  • Chemical
  • Coal
  • Glass
  • Metalworking
  • Recycling

Advantages of S.G. Frantz® Electromagnetic Separators

Our Electromagnetic Separators offer several unique advantages over other separators, including:

• Matching Fields — Fields to magnetize the collecting elements can be matched to the separation requirements, from about 1 through 2.5 kilogauss in the empty separating space.

• Massive Capacity — Large volumes of magnetized matrix spaces can be generated to handle substantial flow requirements, and hold great quantities of magnetic material.

• Easy to Clean — The magnetic field can be conveniently turned off to allow easy cleaning of the matrix, making it possible to automate the cleaning cycle.

• Durable Construction — Separators are available for use in hazardous environments.

• Custom Configuration — Separating spaces can be filled with a virtually endless variety of matrix elements.  Equipment can also be designed to meet unusual processing conditions including high temperature, high pressure and many corrosive properties.

We offer three distinct lines of electromagnetic separators: the Series F1, F1E and F2.

Series F1 Electromagnetic Separators

Our Series F1 Electromagnetic Separators provide economical and efficient removal of fine ferromagnetic particles under many processing conditions and have been the workhorses of the magnetic separation industry for over 65 years. They deliver magnetic fields of approximately 1,000 gauss in the empty separating spaces, providing a high-field gradient at the collecting edges (using a standard matrix element fabricated of steel ribbon .25″ wide and .02″ thick). It is this proprietary grid that enables our Electromagnetic Separators to work with such efficiency and produce such impressive results.

Series F1E Electromagnetic Separators

Our Series F1E Electromagnetic Separators provide efficient removal of fine magnetic particles under more difficult processing conditions. They deliver magnetic fields of approximately 1,500 gauss in the empty separating spaces. As with our Series F1 Electromagnetic Separators, this is achieved through the use of our proprietary grid (using a standard matrix element fabricated of steel ribbon .25″ wide and .02″ thick as collecting edges).

Series F2 Electromagnetic Separators

Our Series F2 Electromagnetic Separators provide efficient removal of fine magnetic particles under the most difficult processing conditions, delivering magnetic fields of approximately 2,500 gauss in the empty separating spaces. Again, this is made possible through the use of high-field gradients at the collecting edges (standard matrix element fabricated of steel ribbon .25″ wide and .02″ thick).

Custom Engineered Electromagnetic Separators

In addition to these three distinct lines of Electromagnetic Separators, S.G. Frantz® also offers custom design and manufacturing services to create products that accommodate the most difficult, high-temperature, high-working-pressure processing conditions, even in hazardous environments. We can engineer separators that incorporate ASME code-stamped pressure vessels and handle uncommon voltages, as well as dusty, wet, corrosive and hazardous environments in both manual and automated system configurations.

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