Series F1 Underfeed Electromagnetic Separators

For open systems of liquids and slurries, we offer the F1 Underfeed model.

How the F1 Underfeed Electromagnetic Separator Works

  1. Material is fed into a centered, threaded pipe connection at the bottom.
  2. Material is processed through proprietary grids or other matrix materials.
  3. Material is discharged through the spout at the top into an open trough or receptacle.

The design of the F1 Electromagnetic Underfeed Separator ensures complete flooding and uniform flow throughout the matrix.

Maximum product temperature is 176°F (F80°C). For materials with higher product temperatures, we offer models with thermal insulation and water cooling. Water-cooled units require a continuous flow of clean, low-dissolved-solids cooling water at a maximum temperature of 95°F (32°C).

Typical F1 Underfeed Applications

Our F1 Underfeed Separators are commonly used in:

  1. Ceramic slips
  2. Glazes
  3. Fine silica sand slurry

F1 Underfeed Electromagnetic Separator Specifications

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