Series F2 Gravity Model Electromagnetic Separators

For processing of open systems of liquids and slurries (especially in ceramic applications), we recommend the Series F2 Gravity Model Electromagnetic Separator.  Magnetic background fields measured in the empty separating space (with pole pieces, but without the matrix in place) are approximately 2,500 oersteds (twice that of the Series F1). Magnetic fields at the matrix edges, where separation occurs, are several times higher.

How the F2 Gravity Flow Electromagnetic Separator Works

  1. Material is fed into an open bowl at the top of the unit.
  2. Material is processed through proprietary grids or other matrix materials.
  3. Material is discharged through a centered pipe-threaded connection at the bottom.

NOTE: The discharge must be controlled in order to keep the matrix flooded.

Water-cooled units require a continuous flow of clean, low-dissolved-solids, cooling water at a maximum temperature of 95°F (32°C).

F2 Gravity Flow Electromagnetic Separator Specifications

*Special units with ASME Code higher pressure vessels are available.

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