S.G. Frantz Permanent Magnet Separators

S.G. Frantz® Permanent Magnet Separators utilize a stack of stainless steel grids magnetized by permanent magnets to collect even the finest particles. This is fundamentally different from other magnetic separators and conventional filters and strainers in that hundreds or thousands of feet of grid edges divide and re-divide the stream so that all particles must pass through a succession of strongly convergent magnetic fields.

Series PQ FerroFilter® Permanent Magnet Separators are rated at 100 psi working pressure. Because of their low-pressure drop, they may often be installed in the suction side to protect the pump from abrasion.

Permanent Magnet Separator Applications

Ideal for use in a wide variety of environments, our Permanent Magnet Separators have been performing successfully in the following applications for decades:

Heavy Equipment – Extracting abrasive particles worn from moving parts in engines and other oil-lubricated machinery to prevent wear and damage to bearings, gears and other moving parts

Hydraulic Systems – Installed in the suction side of hydraulic systems to remove rust, scale and fine metal wear particles, and to protect hydraulic pumps and valves from abrasion, sticking and wear

Coolant Systems – Removing fine metal particles from coolant pumps (installed before and/or after) which fail to settle out in the sump to improve the finish of the work, extend tool life and increase production

Volatile Liquids – Providing safe filtration of fuels, paints, solvents, hydrocarbons and other volatile liquids to remove contaminants (without risk in locations where there is danger of explosion)

Meters and Controls – Removing metal particles too small to be captured by edge type filters or mechanical strainers, protecting meters and controls from malfunction

Boiler and Steam Systems – Removing accumulated rust and scale to reduce contaminants (which interfere with the operation of valves) and increase the operational efficiency of boilers and pumps

Filtration Systems – Extending the life of filtration systems by removing fine contaminants that could pass through grids or overload them

Test Stands – Guarding new equipment against damage by removing fine iron and steel particles, which accumulate in the course of the machining, fabricating and assembling of its parts

Advantages of FerroFilter® Permanent Magnet Separators

Thanks to their unique design, Permanent Magnet Separators offer several distinct advantages:

Fine Particle Removal – They are able to remove microscopic particles of iron and steel rust or scale.

Low Maintenance – Because grids are virtually Indestructible under normal use, they don’t require constant replacement.

Long Service Life – Because there are no moving parts to wear out, service life is virtually unlimited.

Full Flow, Low-Pressure Drop – FerroFilter® Permanent Magnet Separators are high-capacity separators designed for installation in the full flow, not in a by-pass. A wide choice of designs provides effective removal of contaminants from fluids of virtually any viscosity, without clogging and with low-pressure drop.

Simple, Compact, Accessible – FerroFilter® Permanent Magnet Separators fit easily into pipelines or can be bolted directly to equipment without piping (yet all parts are readily available for cleaning).

Easy to Clean – The grid stack is demagnetized when it is separated from the magnets, making it easy to clean.

Permanent Magnet Separator Specifications


All models of FerroFilter® Permanent Magnet Separators are easily opened for cleaning. The grid stack is demagnetized when it is separated from the magnets. Frequency of cleaning required depends on the application: Generally it should be from a week to a month for a FerroFilter® Permanent Magnet Separator in the lubrication system of machinery in regular service; from one to six months for a FerroFilter® Permanent Magnet Separator in a hydraulic system; at least once in each eight-hour shift for a FerroFilter® Permanent Magnet Separator cleansing coolants in drilling, boring and other machining operations; and after each run-in of new machinery.

Series PQ Permanent Magnet Separators

We offer five different permanent magnet separators, ranging from the PQ2 (approximately the size of an automobile oil filter) to the PQ6 (our largest permanent magnet separator, with a capacity 20 times that of the PQ2). Whatever your needs, S.G. Frantz® has the expertise to help you find the right separation solution. Contact us today to speak with one of our experienced and knowledgeable technicians.

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